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Enjoy your First Wedding Dance! Dance instructor Phil Seyer is available in the Sacramento, Roseville Area. You can reach him at 916-772-7555. Get a two hours of free private dance lesson when you book DJ Wedding Services.





















Wedding Resources

Wedding DJ Sacramento, Private Dance Lessons, Wedding Cake, Sacramento, Wedding Photographers, Wedding Music, Wedding Songs, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Favors, Live Music, Wedding Rings -- Sacramento, Roseville, San Francisco!

Planning a wedding can be fun and exciting. Here are ideas to help you prepare for that big day.

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors - wedding decorations - wedding supplies. -- Over 2500 wedding favors and wedding favor accessories

Wedding Invitations

CL -Unique Wedding Invitations( )
Offers fabulous wedding invitations featuring
fresh designs, beautiful details and chic stationery. Worldwide service.

For details, call Dayne at 314-401-3125.

Wedding Invitations: LCI Save the Date Invitations - Designed to help your friends and loved ones set aside the date for your special day.

It's fun to pick out wedding favors for your guests. Click here for article on selecting wedding favors.

Corporate Gifts / Customized Music CDs - TimbreWorx Music sells customized music CDs to individuals and corporate buyers. A variety of musical styles are available. Add logo, photo, text for long-term branding. This is a unique idea for a wedding favor. Give guests a music CD customized with your name.

Wedding DJ Sacramento

For Wedding DJ, Private Dance Lessons, or Wedding Videography in Sacramento, Roseville, or the San Francisco Bay Area, call Phil Seyer 916-772-7555.

Also, see his website: Sacramento Weddings

Wedding Photographers

Amore Images -- Wedding Photography, Bay Area.

Arleen Thomas of Amore Images works toward transforming every image into a work of art that will immortalize the special moments of your wedding day. Arleen works closely with other vendors to ensure that you are ready to capture those special moments. Arleen offers many different photography services.


Wedding Officiants

Minnesota Wedding Minister -- Rev. Tomkin Coleman is a non-denominational minister or officiant, for your Minnesota wedding.

Wedding Dress

These days a variety of wedding dresses are acceptable, depending on your circumstances. For some fashionable ideas you may want to consider getting a book on wedding gowns.

You may want to consider checking the classified section of a local paper under "wedding accessories/parties to see what is available. You can follow this link to see what is available in the Sacramento area for wedding accessories.

Save on Wedding Dresses

If you want to save money on your wedding dress, consider the It is the world's leading site for buying and selling once-worn wedding dresses . This site features the finest once-worn and never worn wedding dresses from the world's leading designers. Now you can afford to wear the dress of your dreams from the

Wedding Dance

Your first dance as a married couple is truly a special occasion, so you may want to put some special effort into preparing for it. If you're not a good dancer, or have never danced, don't worry, with a little help, you can look great on the wedding party dance floor with just a few lessons. Phil Seyer offers lessons in the Sacramento / Roseville area in California. (discussion continued in the above link)

Private Dance lessons, West Los Angeles

gm.gif (8533 bytes) offers dance instruction videos and DVD's to help you dance your first dance with style. Visit them for helpful first dance tips, first dance song list and more. Private dance lessons available at their west Los Angeles dance studio.

Wedding Ceremony Music

Classical Guitar for Wedding Ceremony Music. -- Greg Williams (located in Sacramento, California) specializes in playing his classical, accoustic guitar at wedding ceremonies. You can get tips on ceremony music and even listen to samples of his guitar music at Greg's website. Greg serves the Northern California area with wedding ceremony music.

Wedding Music UK -- this website is all about planning live music in the UK, but no matter where you live, you'll find some valuable tips and ideas on this website. For example, find answers to questions like: How many musicians? How find right band? How will performance be organized? How much can I expect to pay?

Here are some musicians in the Sacramento / Roseville area, that can offer something special.

String Quartets

Camellia String Quartet. Together since, 1980, this group has music for all occasions: traditional & non-traditional wedding music, an elegant touch. Phone: 916-447-4648

Stringworks Quartet -- from Davis, California. 2 violins, viola and cello. Traditional to non-traditional wedding music including a wide selection of pop and contemporary tunes.
Phone: 530-753-1938

Harp and Flute /Music ADue 916-456-8223

Harps, Ltd. PEggy Brown 91-961-8308

The Elegant flute 916-966-8688

Wedding Cake Sacramento

These wedding cake professionals are available in the Sacramento area:

Piatti Restaurant & Catering
571 Pavilions Lane
Sacramento, CA 95825
Contact: Michael Reilly about wedding cake.
(Tell him Phil Seyer sent you.)
Phone: 916 649-8885

645 5th st.
Lincoln, CA 95648
Contact: Ian Hall about wedding cake.
(Tell him Phil Seyer sent you.)
Phone: 916-645-2377

Shari's Berries
1415 N Market Blvd #3
Sacramento, CA 95842
Contact: Jessica Friesen about wedding cake
(Tell her Phil Seyer sent you.)
Phone: 916-928-3333 ext 205

Wedding Rings

There's a lot to learn about wedding rings and jewelry:

The 6 Diamond Fundamentals
The art of jewelry making.
Different types of metals used in jewelry.
Glossary of jewelry terms
Learn about gemstones
The Simaof website has educational material on wedding rings and jewelry.

Wedding Song

There are two kinds of wedding songs to consider: the song or songs for the wedding ceremony itself and the wedding song for the first dance. They could be one in the same, but depending on your views and traditions, you may want more religious or conservative music for the ceremony.

Here's a way to make your wedding song really special! Have a custom wedding song created for you! A company called song Legacy will capture your love story in a personalized wedding song. The songs are adaptations of popular tunes like Wind Beneath My Wings and Fields of Gold. They will record your wedding song on CD with personalized lyrics sung by a talented vocalist. You can then share your love story by playing the CD at the ceremony or at your wedding reception. Samples of their work are available at their website.

Composer Phil Seyer also offers a similar service in the Sacramento, California area. You can reach Phil at 916-772-7555. Phil also arranges special wedding processional music. For example, one couple loved the hymn "Let Us Every Walk with Jesus" and wanted that as their wedding march.

Picking a wedding dance song -- well, that topic deserves it own page.

Wedding Poem

Another idea is to writing a wedding poem or have one written for you. You could then use the wedding poem as the basis for a custom wedding song. You can get some great ideas for wedding poems here.

Wedding CD's
Piano Music & Wedding Music - Listen free here!
Wedding music, lullabies, love songs, holiday music and relaxing piano music by The O'Neill Brothers, nationally-known piano artists. Beautiful piano music to soothe and inspire.

Wedding Invitations

Graffcomm You may want to make your own invitations using some elegant supplies. (supplies include background card, overlay, embellishment and envelope) Choose from the recommended supplies or mix and match to create your own unique wedding invitation.

wedding invitations, wedding dance, wedding cake, wedding song, wedding dress, wedding gownInvitation Consultants offers a wide variety of inivitations including wedding invitations.

You can preview the designs online. The picture to the left is a sample.:

You can customize all of the invitations by choosing your own wording, and one of their fonts and ink colors.





Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors by Favor Warehouse
Wedding favors, christening favors, bridal shower favors, baby favors and party favors in a wide range of styles for all budgets.