Tango by The River

Tango by the River Makes the Cover!

Tango By the River on cover of Sacramento Visitor's Guild

Tango By the River

Tango by the River a great venue for Argentine Tango in Sacramento recently made the cover of the Sacramento Visitor’s Guide.  A few photos also appear in the magazine along with a brief description of  Tango by the River.  (Sometimes the editors of the mag were out to lunch, I guess, because the captions under the photos erroneously referred to “Tango on the River.”  Well that could be fun, but I don’t like dancing tango much on cruise ships.

Donna Tielsch, founder of Tango by the River is prominently shown in the cover photo.  Donna says, “Tango is all about connection. The primary and most important connection is with your partner.

Donna thinks that next comes our connection to music and then to the dance floor and to the other dancers.

I could be wrong, but  because my first love was music, I think that our connection to the music comes first, then our connection to our partner.  After all we dance to music. If we take away the music, we can still practice dancing, but it just that practicing.  If we take away our partner, but still have music, we can still dance and enjoy the thrill of moving to music with music is our sole partner. When I’m out dancing and I can’t find a partner to dance with I sometimes just hold my hands up as if embracing a partner and dance around the ballroom and enjoy the movement and the music.  Usually before I know it, a lady will appear out of nowhere and ask if she can join me.  Of course, the answer is always “yes.” I learned that from Diane Jarmolow.

Donna Tielsch goes on to explain (on her website www.RiverTango.com ) that we live in a world in which we are protected and isolated from many things — we do this to keep ourselves safe. But as Donna explains  “tango lets us get close. Close and connected.”  I would add that it lets us get close in a safe environment.

This article is by Phil Seyer, who teachs Argentine tango along with many other partner dances.
Phil is available for private individual or private group dance lessons. You can use the dialog below to connect with Phil by phone now if you like:


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