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Nightclub Two step music

(You can listen to a sample of the following tunes right online!. Here is how you do it: after first accessing the info about the album by click a link below, click again on more product details. Then scroll down and look for the link that lets you listen to the music.)

Because You Loved Me: --Celine Dion
(on All theWay..album)
Break of Dawn: Invincible -- Michael Jackson
Breathe Again: Tony Braxton
On Wings of Love: Ultimate Collection-Osborne)
Through the Years: Love Songs: Kenny Rogers

This is just a brief listing. There are many songs suitable for nightclub two step --a new one is being written every day!



Ballroom Dance Lessons
Introduction to Social Dancing:
Latin, Nightclub and Ballroom

By Phil Seyer

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Ballroom Dance Lessons

Just holding each other and swaying to the music is nice, but it is fun to add some structured steps to your dancing. For years I enjoyed free style dancing at singles parties. But I was really missing something all those years by not learning structured dancing. There is something really pleasurable about learning new steps and being able to do them together with a partner. The interaction with your partner is what makes it so much fun I think and the opportunity to constantly keep learning something new. As a follower you are thrilled with being able to do various fancy steps, all the time not knowing exactly what is coming next. As a leader, you have the pleasure that comes from being able to improvise on the spot and sometimes lead your follower to do steps that she didn't even know she knew.

Around 1990 I decided to study partner dancing more seriously and took as many lessons whenever and wherever I could. Then around 1995 I started teaching dance myself and later took formal dance teacher training. I now know that dancing makes my life much more enjoyable and helps to keep me healthy as well. It's also a great way to meet new people.

There are different wants to categorize social dancing. I like to think of the nighclub, Latin, and ballroom categories.

Nighclub dances include swing, nightclub 2-step, and hustle.
Latin dances include: salsa, mergenge, rumba, bolero, and Argentine tango
Traditional ballroom dances include: Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, and Quickstep

These categories overlap. For example, fast Latin dances are often done in nightclubs. Most all styles of dancing are now done in "ballrooms."

However, Argentine tango is most often done at special Argentine tango parties, where nothing but Argentine tango is danced all night. (Argentine tango is not done much in American ballrooms much yet -- American tango is the usual choice. But Argentine tango is an exciting, creative, unique dance. Because it can be so romantic, Argentine tango it is specially good for that first dance for a bride and groom.) American style tango is not so romantic in style.

Let's consider each of these general categories in some detail.

Smooth Ballroom

Smooth ballrom dances include Foxtrot and Waltz and Quick step. They are called smooth because there is little hip motion and the music and dance steps look very smooth, not sharp and angular like say, swing or hustle.

To see some simple Foxtrot steps (from the Leader's perspective), click on the following link. It may take a while for your computer to download the movie, because the file size is rather large! When first viewing the video it may appear somewhat jerky because of the file size. However, on second viewing, the video will be better. You may also may also want to save the file to your hard disk.

Foxtrot Movie - Basic Steps

Nightclub Style Dancing

Nightclub dances include nightclub 2-step, hustle, swing, and fast Latin dances like salsa, cha-cha, merenge.

Nightclub two step is an excellent choice for a newly married couple's first dance. Popular ballads and country love songs that are medium slow in tempo often have a strong beat at fits nicely with night club two step. For more details on night club two step, see my article in which I interviewed the creator of that dance, Buddy Schwimmer.

Here are examples of music suitable for nightclub two step: (You can listen to a sample of these tunes right online!. Here is how you do it: after first accessing the info about the album by click a link below, click again on more product details. Then scroll down and look for the link that lets you listen to the music.)

Because You Loved Me: --Celine Dion
(on All theWay..album)
Break of Dawn: Invincible -- Michael Jackson
Breathe Again: Tony Braxton
On Wings of Love: Ultimate Collection-Osborne)
Through the Years: Love Songs: Kenny Rogers

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We can break swing into two main subcategories: West coast swing and East Coast swing.

West Coast Swing(WCS)

WCS is done to rhythm and blues music. A lot of this music comes from the 50's and 60's. . The music has a medium slow tempo with a strong thumping beat. Mustang Sally is a good example of a WCS tune.You can hear a sample of Mustang Sally and even buy the Album that it on by clicking here. (NOTE: you may need to click see more product details before you can hear the tune.)

If you are just learning to dance, I suggest you save WCS for later. Although I have a way of teaching it that makes it fun immediately, it usually takes a a couple of months to feel comfortable with this dance -- as it is traditionally taught. Although this is true, I can take a lady who has never danced WCS before and have her smiling and having fun on the first dance. But this is an exception. I have a special beginners style that I teach that makes this possible. And since I am a dance teacher, I can assist the follower and dance the followers part along side her for a while in a special side-by-side configuration -- before switching to the leader's part. But two beginners trying to do WCS is just a ticket for frustration. WCS is a great dance and I know you will enjoy it; however, I suggest you learn it after mastering some other dances, first.

East Coast Swing (ECS). East cost swing is usually done to older swing music from the 20's 30's and 40's, although some rock'n'roll music is also East coast swing in style and some recent popular tunes have an East Coast Swing beat. There are several different varieties of ECS. One good version for beginners has been dubbed "City Swing" (by dance teachers in San Francisco). In this version of ECS, the leader takes a slow step to the left, then a slow step to the right. Each step is done to two beats of music. After that, the lead does a rocking step -- stepping back on a quick with his left foot, then replacing his weight back to his right foot on the second quick. This is done to 6 beats of music, like this:

1 Step Left
2 Draw right foot to left, but keep weight on left foot.
3 Step Right
4 Draw left foot to right, but keep weight on right foot.
5 Step back with left foot.
6 Replace weight back to right foot.
NOTE: Beats 5 and 6 are the "rock step."

[You can see more details and a video demonstrating this "City Swing" style as well as another style called "Triple Step" swing by clicking here.. ]

The follower does the mirror image of the steps describe above, stepping first to the right, then to the left and then rocking back on her* right foot.

*NOTE: Usually, but not always, the follower is female. For simplification, I'll assume the follower is a female in this discussion.

In a variation of City Swing, usually just called East Coast Swing, you do a "triple step" to the side (left, right, left) stead of just steping slow to the side. This gives the dance a peppier, energetic feel. This style is good for swing music that has a medium fast tempo.

Other swing styles include: Lindy and Shag. These styles are a little more difficult than "city swing" and I recommend you study them after first learning city swing.

My favorite swing style, currently, is Saint Louis shag because it has some fancy syncopated steps and always brings a smile to my partner's face. Shag is especially good for fast swing music. Lindy is better for a medium fast tempo.

That's a wrap for now. Please see my home page which focus on music and dance education.

Also please see my blog which offers detailed descriptions of some of my favorite dance steps.

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Ballroom Dance Lessons