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Dating Tips for Singles
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NOTE: Our main goal is to provide information about organizations that support singles in the Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area. But we thought it would be helpful to pull together several articles on singles dating. We don't agree with all these dating tips, but the articles will stimulate your thinking. For example, one author recommends waiting 3 days after getting a phone number before calling. That's what most people do. In contrast, we suggest you let the other person know you enjoyed meeting them by calling the very next day.

Another author recommends considering what went wrong when a relationship fails. Everyone does that, so we really don't think that advice helps much.

We suggest trying something different. For example, ask your "ex" directly and humbly, "I know it's over, but could you do me a favor for next time? For my next relationship? What could I have done differently to make you happier?" With this kind of question, you are very likely to get some valuable feedback that will help you next time you find a new partner.

Anyway, here are the links to the singles dating tips. Enjoy them!

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