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Venue Details. To get details about the venue for this salsa class, please call Phil at 916-776-5858 or registered online by clicking the link below:

Sacramento Salsa Group Dance Lessons


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Phil Seyer has been teaching dance for more than 10 years and formally studied to be a dance teacher with Diane Jarmolow of the Dance Teachers College in San Francisco.
He and his associates currently offer private dance lessons in San Francisco, Emeryville, Sacramento, and Roseville, California. You can reach Phil at 925-888-4392 or 916-772-7555. You may write to him at: (Please change "-at-" to "@" to make a properly formed email address.

Sacramento Dance Lesson Singles
Featuring Salsa
Every Thursday in Sacramento

(Couples welcome, but singles especially invited.)
Have fun, stay in shape, get good exercise and have fun doing it!

Sacramento salsa group lessons Meet others interested in learning to dance salsa in Sacramento. Learn a new social skill! Please arrive at 8:10pm. Beginning Salsa Lesson at  8:15 PM. Jon is one of Sacramento's top salsa dancers and teachers. Let John's easy manner put you at ease in learning this popular dance.

Singles are especially invited, but couples are also welcome. No partner is required for the lesson!

Open dancing after lesson to closing (around 11:30 or 12 midnight)..

Cover: for a limited time there is no cover or fee for this salsa dance lesson and party. It is FREE. Please buy a drink or 2 from the bar to help support this venue and the free dance lessons.

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TIP: you'll have more fun and be more relaxed in class if you study salsa on your own using Salsa Instructional Videos.

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Sacramento Dance Lesson Singles Meetup
Every Sacramento. Thursday Sacramento Salsa

Venue Details. To get details about the venue for this salsa class, please visit this website:

For even more details you may call Phil at 916-776-5858.
Don't miss the fun, visit:

Please let Phil know if you are coming.
NOTE: this is an ongoing event -- every Thursday night.

Have Questions? Call Phil at 916-786-5858
Phil also offers private dance lessons.

Learning to Dance Salsa with Videos(click to learn more)

Nothing beats a private lesson. Next comes group dance lessons. But an instructional dance video can help you jump start learning to dance. There are several advantages to using a DVD or VHS tape to learn to dance.

Rewind. A clear advantage is that you can stop the video at any time and practice what the teacher has just shown you. You can rewind and replay the video as many times as you need to.

Taking Notes. Taking notes at a live class is possible, but tough to do. With a video, it's easy; just pause the video and make some notes about the steps. It's a good idea to write your notes on a small card or piece of paper that you can review when you are out dancing. A helpful approach is give a name to each dance pattern that you are learning. Sometimes that is enough. Sometimes videos don't do a good job of naming patterns. But you can be creative and make up your own names. Later, by just glancing at a list of pattern names, you can do a good review of what you have learned. Of course, this is much more important for leaders than for followers. Folowers, you must learn your steps really well and then forget them and just follow the lead!

Leaders, to really improve, you might consider looking over your list of steps at a dance and checking off the ones that you have used during the night.

Bookmarks. With many DVD players you can make and name bookmarks. You can then later quickly return to a specific place in the lesson to review a difficult step.

Stretch Time. Some DVD players have something called "stretch time" With stretch time, you can go into a kind of slow motion video with the added advantage that you also get the audio part of the video. With normal slow motion, there is no sound. In "stretch time" the sound is distorted slightly but quite intelligible -- much better than just music played at the wrong speed. Stretch time is very helpful when the steps shown on the video are somewhat difficult.

Freeze Frame. A good dance teacher will often take a dance pattern up to a certain beat of music and then have his students freeze and check their position. With a video you can do this yourself at any time. Just hit the pause button.

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Sacramento Salsa
Group and Private Salsa Dance Lessons



Salsa Dance Contest

Here's an interesting video of a couple participating in a salsa dance contest. Beginners: don't be intimidated by this video. In our beginning class, we will take you step-by-step through the basics of salsa. You'll have fun! After a few weeks, you'll be an experienced salsa dancer!


Free Salsa Lesson Online
Because Attending a
Group Class Can be Scary.

"You've got an F for the day!" shouted my well-meaning, skinny sunburned gym teacher when he caught me skipping a dance class. I used to dread group dance lessons. I was a jock and excelled in baseball, but hated dance class. I didn't want to look stupid in front of the girls. Now, (for the last 10+ years) I've been teaching dance myself and helping others overcome their fear of dancing. One thing that can help a lot is instructional dance videos. Using instructional videos, you can study dance in the privacy of your own home. Then when you go to a group class you will beel much more relaxed and confident..

Advice for Singles

Find a Practice Partner. I suggest you study a dance video yourself first. Then find a person you can practice with. Remember, this doesn't have to be a boyfriend or girlfriend. Although dancing can be quite provocative and sexy, it is best to enjoy dancing for itself and not use it as a way of hooking up with someone. There is nothing wrong with wanting to find a dance partner that you can enjoy an intimate relationships with. Most couples who dance together stay together. But it is best to let a relationship come slowly and naturally. If a relationship does not develop, at least you will have a friend and you will have worked on yourself and improved your social skills by learning to dance well.

Guys, avoid being too cute with a new partner. Don't explain that you have a nice house and lots of money or say things like "You brought the rain and I brought the thunder." Most ladies won't like it.

Take your time. Learn to dance well. Leaders, remember your purpose: to pleasure the follower. That means that you lead dance steps that make her look good and it means leading her well and not throwing scary steps at her that she is not ready for.

Here's to your success!

-- Phil Seyer, DJ, Dance Instructor, Musician and Software Engineer.