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"The Organization" (Salsa Band)

"Our road to the stage has been paved with love and sweat, and a determination to share God’s musical gift with those thirsting for the Latin beat. Since adolescence we’ve had instruments in our hands; learning such things as piano, bass, trombone, saxophone, trumpet and percussion which comprise our orchestra."
Learn more about the Organization and listen to some cool salsa audio clips!

Salsa Dance Instruction

Phil Seyer offers private dance lessons featuring salsa in Sacramento, Roseville and Sacramento. For more info. call Phil at 916-772-7555 or send email about salsa dance lesson here.

Salsa Videos

The Salsa Race Team offers a comprehensive series of DVD salsa instructional videos from beginning to advanced. Learn the from these Salsa 2003 Champs and amaze your friends with your new salsa moves. Unlike other products, this is a progressive system with more than 11 different instructional videos!


Salsa Music Books

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Salsa Guidebook for Piano and Ensemble -- This book is for anyone who is hungry to aquire the knowledge and history of the rhythms from Cuba and how these rhythms came from Africa to the caribbean. The format is very easy to follow, the information given is great and very accurate, the people that knows some of the great salsa performers will appreciate the wealth of pictures printed on the book, like Israel Cachao, Luis Quintana "Changuito", Juan Formell, Tito puente, Isaac Oviedo, etc. The discography list is a must for anyone who wants to learn about salsa and rhythms alike. The musical examples, like the montunos on the piano are a must to learn. Excellent book! Rebeca Mauleon is an excellent musicologist

Salsa: The Rhythm of Latin Music... A review says: "As the first chapter suggests, we're all outsiders...Puerto Ricans playing Cuban rhythms, Cuban players playing jazz, white guys arranging Latin dance music and Latin Jazz...the book at times is hard to read, owing to my lack of proficiency in reading music; however, for anyone who is reasonably well versed in sight reading the excerpts are short...the chapters on percussion are extremely easy to read--even for the "non-reader"...and uncertainties are cleared up by listening to the accompanying CD, which has patterns that lend insight into the intricacies of Latin music. The book makes a convincing case that there is room for an academic approach in understanding salsa, while making it equally clear that there are shortcomings as well. Well done. "

Musica: The Rhythm of Latin America:... -- Salsa, the irresistible dance music of the Spanish-speaking world, has made its way into the lives of millions around the globe. But salsa is only one of many popular Latin rhythms. The first comprehensive guide to the music, its history, and its legends, Musica! charts the vast territory of this lively Latin heritage, which began in Cuba and spread throughout the Caribbean and into North and South America. Illustrated with contemporary and vintage photos, Musica! features a gallery of legendary musical performers, plus sections on the musical styles and dances including the rumba, mambo, cha-cha, and merengue. A discography and bibliography complete this comprehensive story of Latin America's extraordinary rhythmic tradition.


The Roots of Salsa: The History of Cuban...

Cuban Fire: The Story of Salsa and Latin... -- The history of Cuban music and its major artists from the 1920s. Topics: musical roots, the 1940s and 1950s, the 1970s to today, development of styles like rumba, conga, and pachanga in Cuba, the U.S. and Puerto Rico

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