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Note: instructional videos are a great way to learn, but nothing beats private dance lessons.

Phil Seyer offers private and group salsa lessons (as well as lessons in other dances) in Sacramento, Rosville, Emeryville, and San Francisco.

For more information about private or group lessons or instructional DVDs call Phil on Ccube. It is a free call!

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Salsa Instructional Videos

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SalsaCrazy Presents: Learn to Salsa Dance DVD's--
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We think these are among the best Learn to Salsa Dance Products available.
Each DVD is has many valuable Salsa Dancing Secrets.
Learn to Salsa Dance, Quickly and Easily, and have Fun Doing It.

Anyone can do it. No partner, and no experience is necessary.
These DVD's are incredibly detailed and have multiple camera
angles to make it easy to learn. There are highly polished
instructional DVD's, so that everyone can learn salsa.

Thanks for your interest in...

Learning to Dance Salsa