Here’s a series of salsa instructional videos. Watch each video then check your understanding of what you’ve learned with the Progress Check Questions below each video.

Basic Step for Followers

On which count does one pause? a) Which foot does follower step with on count 1? b) Which way does follower step?  Forward or backward? c) Where do the hands go? d) On which counts do the feet come together?] e) On which counts does one pause (not step)

a) Right b) Backward c) At cool finger snapping height — waist level d) Feet come together on 3 and 7 e) No stepping on counts 4 and 8.

Basic Step for Leader

How does this differ from the Follower’s part shown earlier?

The leader steps forward on count 1, whereas the follower steps back on 1. In this example, the leader is showing a style where he does not bring his feet together on 3 and 7; Either way is correct. Some prefer to bring feet together on 3 and 7, others prefer to move forward or back.

Basic Step Together as a Couple

a) On what counts do leader and follower pause?
b) In this video leader holds follower’s left hand at ________ level.
c) On what count does follower step forward?

a) Leader and follower both pause on counts 4 and 8.
b) In this video leader holds follower’s left hand at waist level with a “pistal grip.” (Other instructors prefer higher hand position.)
c) Follower steps forward on count 5

Right Turn for Follower

a) On what count does leader raise his hand in preparation for the turn?
b) How high does leader raise his hand?
c) On what count does follower start to turn?
d) Does leader lift hand out to the side to his left?

a) Leader raises his hand in preparation for the turn on count 3.
b) Leader raises his hand just above follower’s head.
c) Follower starts to turn on count 5. (There is a pause on count 4.)
d) According to this video, leader does not lift his hand out to the left. But some teachers recommend this because it enables the follower to do a walk around turn which is easier for the follower than the fast pivot turn shown in this video.

Frisbee Turn in Salsa

a) How is leader’s foot work different from the normal cross body lead footwork?
b) By count 3 where is leader facing in relation to follower?
c) On what count does leader flick his wrist like throwing a Frisby?

a) Leader steps forward on count 2 and pivots more to the left.
b) By count 3 leader is facing down the line of dance.
c) Leader flicks his wrist on count 5 to lead follower to do a free turn.

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Salsa Videos Selected and Progress Checks Written By Phil Seyer,  Director of Professionals Guild