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Private dance lessons are the best way to learn to dance. Group lessons are recommended, too, but group lessons alone can result in bad habits. Some people dance for years and learn a lot of dance steps, but they really don't dance well. A few private dance lessons can go a long way to helping you discover the joy of dancing.

Note: Phil also serves Auburn,Rocklin, Lincoln, Granit Bay Sacramento, West Sacramento and surrounding areas.

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Private Dance Lessons
Roseville, Ca
Phil Seyer 916-300-8700

Want to learn ballroom dancing? Looking for private dance lessons for a wedding or just want to have more fun and improve your social skills? Do you live in or near Roseville, CA? If so, master ballroom instructor, Phil Seyer can help.

Phil is a patient, formally trained and highly experienced dance instructor. Phil studied with Diane Jarmolow of the Dance Teachers College in San Francisco and has been teaching partner dancing since 1995. Phil wrote the first article on a new American dance called nightclub two step published in Dancing USA magazine in the 1990's.

For more information, just give Phil a call at 925-eight-eight-eight-4392. He will be happy to answer all your questions. You can also email him at:

professionalsguild -at- .

(Please change -at- to @ in the email address and remove all spaces.).

Since there are many options, it might make sense to give Phil a call rather than just sending email.

Phil teaches all ballroom, Latin, and nightclub dances, such as:

Salsa, merenge, cha-cha, bolero, rumba, bachata, Foxtrot, waltz, American tango, Argentine tango, nightclub two step, country two step, hustle, swing, East Coast swing, West Coast swing, lindy, shag, quick step, Wedding Dances: First Dance, Father-Daughter Dance.

Instructional dance videos are also a great way to learn and they can help you get the most from your dance lessons. Salsa dance lesson videos are available here.

Learn Faster with Instructional Technology
Phil has a masters degree in Education with a focus on Instructional Technology. He uses instructional technology to help you master dance steps and ensure that you remember what you have learned. How does he do it? You get a video of the exact steps you are learning emailed to you after the lesson. You also get an online review of the dance steps with progress check questions to ensure you remember the key points. Take a look at some of the online dance lessons at:

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Private Dance Lessons, Roseville, Ca