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You may want to get an iPod to listen to music while on the go. You can also play the tunes through your home music system

NOTE: Besides music, Itunes also as mre than 8,000 audiobooks and also popular public radio programs.

Some interesting programs include:

"This American Life with Ira Glass

Fresh Air with Terry Gross

Car Talk


Learning Nightclub Two Step
Music with Apple's Itunes

Copyright 2004, all rights reserved. Philip Seyer

Nightclub Two Step and Itunes. A lot of composers and recording artists use a Nightclub Two step beat in their music. This beat is "catchy." It's fun to dance to and gives you a good up-beat feeling. If you are a music student, you will do well to listen to the quality of the beat in this music and learn what makes it work so well. If you are a dancer, you will enjoy your dancing more and dancer even better if you gain a better aware of the beat. A good way to become familiar with the many romantic beautiful nightclub two step songs is to listen to 30 second samples of them online. And then, if you like, you can buy the best ones for just 99 each! You can do that at iTunes. NOTE: You may also want to get an iPod, a cool portable player for listening to your favorite tunes on the go.

I really like iTunes because of these features...

Free Music -- the iTunes software is very good and its free. Free downloads from iTunes are often available, too.

Equalizer -- iTunes has an equalizer that lets you customize the music to fit your taste. Boost the bass or focus on the vocalist, for example, it is up to you.. Pick from many different presets or make and save your own equalization settings. It's fun.

Downloads Available. Itunes has more legal downloads than anyone else! Their catalog is probably more diverse than any other music catalog. They have more than 1 million tracks. The 5 major labels are represented as well as more than 600 independent labels.
iMix. There is a special feature called iMix: It allows music you to post and share your favorite songs.

Party Shuffle: A playlist that is always full of songs.

New Music Tuesdays: You can get weekly emails that showcase new releases including special iTunes live session recordings, and pre-releases major artists.

Ipod Integration. Itunes seamlessly integrates with the iPod portable music player.

Nightclub Two Step Tunes Integrated with Itunes

Here is a convenient list of my favorite Nightclub Two Step songs integrated with Itunes for your listening pleasure!. To make the best use of this web page, you may want to download and install iTunes software. Itunes doesn't work with Windows 98, but it works fine with anything later than that and, of course, with Mac operating systems. I had a nice laptop with Windows 98. Windows 98 worked fine for most things, but I liked Itunes so much, I took the trouble to install Windows 2000 on it. Now my laptop works great with iTunes.

Using the Table Below. In the left colum, you will find the title of the song followed by the artist. The number is the next column shows the number of beats per minute (bpm). This gives you a good idea of the musical tempo, or speed of the beat. To check this value, try counting the number of beats in 5 seconds. Then multiply by 12. Doing this will increase you sensitivy to the beat and enhance your musical awareness. Check my bpm figures; see if they agree with yours. Notice that most NC2S tunes fall between 72 and 96 beats per minute. Keep this tempo in mind if you want to compose or perform nightclub two step music.

In the third column, you'll find an iTune button. If you click on this button you'll go directly to the song within iTunes! You can listen to a 30 second sample for free. Just click the play button at Itunes. If you like the song, you can usually download it for about 99 cents, less than a cup of coffee in California! NOTE: it doesn't cost anything to setup an iTunes account and listen to the free 30 second samples.

Title - Artist
* means I especially like this song for dancing nightclub two step.

Link to Itunes
Bitter Sweet Symphony - Edwin Marton
Bitter Sweet Symphony
Between You and Me - Jennifer Paige
Between You and Me
A Thousand Years - Sting (Brand New Day)

A Thousand Years

*It Musc Have Been Love - Khamissa
It Must Have Been Love (Cool Version)
2 Become 1 - Spice Girls
2 Become 1
Everything I Do I Do For You - Bryan Adams
(Everything I Do) I Do It for You
Amazed - LoneStar, Lonely Grill
Because you Loved Me - James Galway
Because You Loved Me
Be a Man - Aqua bpm=72
Be a Man
Be A Man - Tina Arena
Be a Man
Break of Dawn - Michael Jackson
Break of Dawn
*Breathe Again - Tony Braxton
Breathe Again
Come To Me - Ricky Martin bpm=96
Come to Me
She Belives in Me - Kenny Rogers
She Believes in Me
*Lady in Red
The Lady in Red
Every Time It Rains - Will Downing
(A little fast & wierd for Nightclub Two step, but worth a listen)
Every Time It Rains
For Whom the Bell Tolls (Single Edit) - Bee Gees
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Heartbreaker - Bee Gees
(Quite fast for Nightclub Two Step; it's more like salsa tempo. But the beat is so good!)
Inside That I Cried - CeCe Peniston
Inside That I Cried
Love Me - Bee Gees
Love Me
Love of My Life - Will Downing
Love of My Life
Love So Right - Bee Gees bmp
Love so Right
Love You Inside Out - Bee Gees bpm
Love You Inside Out
*Never Let You Go - Allure
Never Let You Go
On the Inside = Mary Jane Girls
On the Inside
Real Soon - Will Downing (All The Man I Need)
Real Soon
Shadow Lover - Mary Jane Girls
Shadow Lover
Shower the People - Kristine Weitz
Shower the People
Talk About Us - Jennifer Lopez
Talk About Us
Two Much Heaven - Bee Gees
Too Much Heaven
Waters Run Deep - Kristine Weltz
Waters Run Deep
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You - Rod Stuart
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

Thanks for your Interest in Nightclub Two Step, Itunes and the Apple Ipod!