New Year’s Eve Parties

San Francisco Bay Area
New Year’s Eve Party and
Sacramento New Year’s Eve Party

Besides being a dance instructor, ¬†I also host New Year’s Eve parties, two of them. ¬†Although most people dance free-style at these parties, I am amazed to find that some talented ballroom and tango dancers also enjoy these parties.

One time I saw a couple dancing really good Argentine Tango to Funk, Soul, and Rock ‘n’ Roll music all night! The dance floor was packed, but they managed to find a spot close to the band off to the side where they could do their tango moves.

For more information on my New Year’s Eve parties, please visit (remember “Party with PGuild”)

Here’s a photo of the balloon drop at one of my NYE parties. The balloon drop is always an exciting moment:

New Year's Eve Balloon Drop

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