Cha-cha Cross Body Lead

The cross body lead is an important basic step in cha-cha. It lets you change positions with your partner as you lead her across your body — hence the name. Take a look at the video below to get a general idea of the step and then I’ll discuss it in more detail:

Here’s a break down of the leaders steps by count (notice that we start on beat 2 of the music).
Imagine you are standing on a big clock.

1. (do nothing or move hip to right in preparation for first step)
2 Step forward with left foot –to 12 o’clock position. (slow)
3. Step back to 4:30 position with right foot in preparation for making a quarter turn to the left. (slow).
4. Step side to 6 o’clock with left foot. Extend your left hand and lower it slightly to keep the follower from turning since she should make a small step directly forward. Note that by stepping side to 6 o’clock you are “opening the door” for the follower. (quick)
5. Step in place or slightly back on your right foot and pivot on it turning to the left. (quick)
6. Step forward left foot toward 6 o’clock — toward follower. slow.

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Thanks for your interest in the cha-cha- cross body lead.

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