Country Two Step for Beginners

Country two step has a rhythm similar to what has been called the Foxtrot Magic Rhythm, except that it starts with two quick steps instead of a slow.  So the basic rhythm of country two step is: The leader should help the follower to be positioned slightly to his right. In this way the leader can step outside partner’s right side with his left foot and directly between the followers feet with his right foot.

The basic rhythm is: QUICK QUICK SLOW SLOW The leader steps directly forward on each step and the follower steps backward.  The leader faces forward down the line of dance which is counter-clockwise around the line of dance. Here’s a pretty good video that shows the basic rhythm.

Watch the video and then answer the progress check questions below.

Progress Check

1. If the music is fast the leader should begin by stepping on the ____ of the foot.

2. On the second slow, the leader should step first on the ____(ball/heel). — pick one.

3. The leader starts with his ___ (left/right) foot on a (slow/quick). — pick correct words in parenthesis.

4. What is the basic rhythm for country quick step? If not sure of your answers, reread the material above and watch the video again.

5. The follower should be positioned to the leader’s (left/right) — Pick one.

- – -


1. ball
2. heel
3. The leader starts with his left foot on a quick.
4. The basic rhythm is quick, quick, slow.
5. The follower should be positioned to the leader’s  right.
(Note sometimes the follower may be directly in front of leader, but in this case she
must take care to step backwards out of the way of leader’s feet. Normally follower
should not be to leader’s left!)

Leading a Right Turn in Country Two Step
Often turns in Country Two step are done on the Quick Quick.
A good way to prepare the follower for a turn is to lift your left arm and extend it slightly to left on the second slow step just before the turn on the quick-quick.
The normal basic for the leader is:

QUICK (left foot)
QUICK (right foot)
SLOW (left foot)
SLOW (right foot) <== this is the slow just before the next quick quick.

When the leader steps with his _______ foot on the second slow, he should lift his left hand in preparation for the leader to make the turn on the quick quick. (Fill in the blank.)
- – - -
The preparatory movement of lifting the follower’s hand happens when the leader steps with his right foot on the second slow.

Some leaders like to drop their left hand slightly on the first slow and then lift it on the second slow.

Phil Seyer teachers beginning and intermediate country two step in Sacramento, Roseville, as well as in the Bay Area. If you would like to take private lessons, you may reach him by calling 925-eight-eight-eight-4392.

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