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The Wonder of the Piano

By Sica Delenius of the B Factory

Piano has become an integral part of music. Many musical
notes do not seem possible without it. And many notes would
not sound as good as they can do on a piano. Everyone must
have listened with relish to Beethoven's fifth, Gershwin's
Rhapsody, rock and roll of little Richard and Jerry Lee
Lewis. The piano can be played solo or with other
instruments. It would hold its own nonetheless.

In fact it is the change in volume that was the last piano
innovation to be perfected, and the hardest for piano
builders. Experts aren't in complete agreement, but the
first modern-style piano was probably that built by the
Italian Bartolomeo Cristofori in 1709. It was at the time
described as a harpsichord with both soft and loud!

There was one difference between the harpsichords and the
piano. Both produced different sounds of strings. The
strings are tightened inside every piano to make piano look
like a harp on its side. The strings are plucked to produce
music. In all the initial pianos, the harpsichords used to
pluck the string rather than the musician's fingers. Due to
this, you could not control the volume of the piano, but
only place your fingers on the keyboard to produce sounds.

The modern style piano uses a different idea, and instead of
plucking the string with by passing a plectrum by it, modern
pianos use hammers to bang the string. This sounds pretty
unsubtle, but in fact it is what really released the
potential of the instrument by allowing the weight of your
touch on the keyboard to affect the sound of the note.
Gentle stroking of the keys will give you soft music,
whereas hammering away can give you ear-drum shattering

Experts initially viewed the piano with skepticism. J S
Bach didn't accept the piano at first but subsequently
wrote the beautiful Goldberg Variations for it. He approved
it in 1747. But the piano was a rage when geniuses like
Mozart and Beethoven were born in 1756 and 1770

The Piano's popularity is unmatched. It is the piano that
has been wonderfully used by classicist of all centuries.
For ages, it has been used all over the world for all sorts
of sorts of music - Jazz, blues, gospel, swing and rock. It
seems the world can never get enough of this wonderful
invention that has created music for all moods.

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