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Create Your Own Personal Music Radio Station for Free with Pandora

Pandora lets you create multiple radio stations, each station will play music similar to your favorite artist. My favorite is Keiko Matsui.
You can also see what music your friends are listening to.


Learn How to Create Your Own Music -- study music theory!

Tutorial on Musical Modulation

Self-teaching Guide to Music Theory (with self-correcting exercises)

Power Chords in Music

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Music News

Hi Music Lovers,

For your convenience, below I am providing links to various music news articles. Below and in the left column you will find links to various music education resources and related Google links.

Here's to your success and enjoyment of music! -- Warmest regards, Phil Seyer.

SoundHound -- music recognition and search program for smart phonts; it's an app for your smart phone that lets you get the title and artist for almost any song that is playing. It "listens" to the song and in about 15 seconds gives you the info you need! I like to use it when I go ballroom dancing, because the DJ usually doesn't know and can't tell me the name of the tune she is playing. You can get a free version of SoundHound that lets you ID 5 songs per month. If you like it, you can spend $4.95 to get an unlimited number of song/artist titles.

Ear Trainer -- This is a program I wrote to help music students improve their recognition of musical intervals. It can generate custom lessons based on your performance to help you acheive mastery.

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