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Here are some useful resources that will help you learn music theory — what makes music work — how you can improve your musical skills.

My favorite book in this series is What Makes Music Work  (disclaimer: I wrote this book so I’m just a little bit biased!) However, many readers have written to me telling me how much they like it. So you can compare,  I’ve also listed several other books below that will help you learn music theory. Maybe you’ll prefer one of those music theory books.

Music Theory: What Makes Music WorkWhat Makes Music Work


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What Makes Music Work makes learn music simple and easy — it’s designed for beginners, but even advanced students of music will learn something new.  What makes this music theory book unique is that Progress Check questions and exercises are embedded throughout to help you make sure you master the content as you study.  You won’t have to look for or order an answer key, because the answer to each question is conveniently provided to you directly below the question. This makes for a comfortable, easy read without a lot of page flipping. Readers love this book as you can see below. With this book you will learn to:

  • Read, write and play music.
  • Identify its basic components
  • Understand form and structure
  • Compose a song

You’ll find answers to questions like these:

  • How do notes combine in harmony?
  • How can I easily read those super high notes?
  • What makes some sounds pleasing, others discordant?
  • How do composers expand small musical ideas into full-scale pieces?

Music Theory — What Readers are Saying

Well-organized, Excellent Music Theory Book

“A lucid, well-organized introduction to music theory” –American Library Association.
“I always loved music; thank you for helping me understand it.” — John Giunta, North Bellmore, New York.


A music theory book that hits the high note …The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Music Theory makes it easy to learn music.  In simple language, the Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Music Theory explains basics of music reading to more advanced music theory concepts. This music theory book includes:
  • A CD
  • A guide to ear-training.
  • Musical examples of intervals, scales, chords, and rhythms
  • Exercises to help you test your ear training skills.

You can download a free sample chapter from Amazon.



Do you play guitar?  Then this music theory book focused on guitar may be just want you are looking for.


Berklee Music

Berklee music has a great reputation for training music students to be the best. Now there is a music theory book published by Berklee music. This book is easy to undertsand and teaches you the basics of music theory. At the end of each chapter there are progress check questions to help you apply your knowledge of what you have learned. If you buy this book, be sure to get the answer key to the  progress check questions in the book. You can get the answer key by making a request at  the berkleemusic website
More resources on music theory coming soon!
Thanks for your interest in. . .

Music Theory

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