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Keyboard Coach

Click here to buy Keyboard Coach from Amazon now. -- -- Using the latest high-tech gizmos such as video sequences, a computerized metronome, and onscreen notation, Keyboard Coach takes the would-be pianist from the simplest one-bar boogie through the execution of fairly complex rock, pop, country, and classical tunes.

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On the way, the Coach also spots your mistakes, gives you hints on fingering, and helps you polish your style with video clips. Keyboard Coach will also slow down the tunes when things get a bit tricky, or take you through the actual construction of a keyboard if you're wholly mystified. And when you're finally ready to hit the ivories, the Coach will provide orchestral and percussive accompaniment to your joyous vamps and riffs.

-- Keyboard Coach won't admonish you for skipping practice. However, that may be a good reason to supplement the keyboard coach with human teacher! It helps to have encouragement and guidance from an experienced musician.

-- "Never having had either piano or keyboard lessons, I was apprehensive about learning to play my keyboard by myself through a software program. I was pleasantly surprised. Keyboard Coach has 25 individual lessons to choose from, starting with how to use the program. I really liked the easy way you are shown how to connect your keyboard to the computer to monitor the interactive lessons ( I was not looking forward to that part )".

-- "The opening screen looks like a winding ribbon with multiple lessons. There are five rows on this ribbon with five lessons in each row. Click on a box on the ribbon to open that lesson. The lessons offer both written and video/sound clips. The clips can be viewed in a small window or full screen, and range from explaining how the plethora of buttons on my keyboard work,to observing correct finger placement to mimic -- and actually play a song. -- Additional stuff includes what they call Cool Band Trax, or "music missing the keyboard" where you can practice for a real audition, or like me just pretend. -- If you own a keyboard collecting dust and you have never taken a lesson before, Keyboard Coach is going to make you feel like a star."

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Get What Makes Music Work, a self-teaching guide to music theory.

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