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Listen to a nice free sample of Keiko Matusi's music; after visiting the remote site click on the play button (at left) This site is in Japanese, but you can listen!



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Keiko makes heavy use of syncopation in her music along with altered dominant and secondary dominants chords.

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Keiko Matsui
(smooth jazz)

Keiko Matsui free music online
(Album cover for Deep Blue)


Here, in one place are all the main Keiko Matusi Albums and videos. Once you order one you will be addicted! It will be easy to order more by coming back here! Order now and get free shipping. Keiko's music is a unique kind of original jazz. Parts of Kekio Masui's pieces are truly improved. Other parts are very carefully worked out. That why her melodies are so tuneful. She combines a variety of American and Latin styles with a definite Asian influence. She has small hands, but you would never know it listening to her wild piano riffs. Keiko Matsui is my favorite composer and jazz musician. (NOTE: when you click one of the links below, you'll be taken to Amazon where you can order the CD. For best results, please pick CD you want from his page You can listen to a sample before ordering.)


Keko Matsui's White Owl

Piano -- Keiko Matsui -- newly released

Bamboo by Keiko Matusi

Whisper From the Mirror by Keiko Matsui

Full Moon & the Shrine by Keiko Matsui

Deep Blue -- Keiko Matsui

Collection -- Keiko Matsui

No Borders -- Keiko Matsui

Whisper From the Mirror -- Keiko Matsui

Night Waltz -- a early Keiko Matsui album

A Drop of Water -- Keiko Matsui -- includes vocal numbers


Dream Walk

Cherry Blossom

The Ring --

Keiko Matsui DVD's

DVD--The Jazz Channel Presents Keiko Matsui... Reviewers say...I have never been so impressed with the content and delivery of such a wonderful DVD I have the CD as well. She is a true star in here music. I have shared my copy with friends who have DVD's and have had to beg for it s return
This is quintessential Keiko, her performance is only matched by the level of clarity that this DVD is filmed/recorded at. I especially enjoyed the piano solos. Order it! You won't be disappointed!

VHS Tapes of Keiko Matsui

The Jazz Channel Presents Keiko Matsui... (Same as above only in VHS format)

Keiko Matsui: Light Above the Trees -- Reviewers comments: I remember the first time I heard Keiko's music,and ever since then I was hooked. I enjoy shuting off all the lights and poping this tape into the VCR and listen to the tranquil sounds of Keiko and her band. I really recommend this tape if you had a long week and want to do something relaxing for the weekend. So get this tape and while your at it get some of her cds as well.You won't regret it.

I saw this video for the first time on TV. I was taken by it so much that I bought the video and now own 10 of her CDs. This video is like having a "The Best of Keiko" CD, only you can also see her on stage! The music, the performances, the sound quality for a VHS (where is the DVD?) are all good to great. I recommend this video strongly. Here, you can sample her best songs. You will then probably be hooked and want to buy her CDs, which contain slightly different versions of the songs on this video. For example, compare the title song of this video "Light Above the Trees" to the version on the CD "A Drop of Water". The latter has a wonderful use of acoustic guitar not present in the video.


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