Phil Seyer is available for private or group dance lessons in Sacramento and Roseville.

You may reach Phil at 916-772-7555. Or send him email.

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Expand your mind. Learn a partner dance like salsa or cha-cha!

NOTE: The best way to learn cha-cha is from a good teacher, but instructional videos can help you get more out of lessons from a live instructor..

Dance Teacher Vicki Regan has prepared a series of tapes that are specially good for beginners. (see the Amazon link above) Vick breaks down the steps and makes it easy to learn the basics of cha-cha (or is it cha-cha-cha?)

One user of Vicki's tape wrote:

I watched this tape [You can Dance Cha-cha] after taking about 4 hours of private lessons on Cha-Cha. It helped me better understand the basics of the Cha-Cha. I also have a "You Can Dance: Mambo" tape by Vicki Regan. On both tapes, her insturction is well planned and structured for a beginner. Steps are explained and demonstrated clearly. If one's intention is to learn the fundamentals and go out and dance, the tape is very helpful. However, there is not much help on styling and details of the dance. Therfore, for improving on the dance you either need to take classes or wait for the advanced version of the tape - if it ever becomes available.




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Learn Hip Hop

Hip Hop Shop -- Hip Hop Shop's winning equation: 10 dance moves, a few cute and talented kids, three pro teachers (including the pioneering CrazyLegs of Rock Steady Crew), and one infectious philosophy: Hip hop's all about "the flavor you bring to the dance." You gotta have "flow."

You also oughta have ready access to the rewind button to replay the instructions a few hundred times. While the steps are broken down to kid-friendly basics, the action can seem head-turningly complicated. The six hip-hop moves are the most accessible, while the break dancing sometimes appears comically confusing.

Yet the precocious backup dancers, regular-looking kids who mirror the video's target age of 5 to 12, make all the right moves, making it seem like there's hope for even the most dance-impaired child, or parent, to "find your groove" in the privacy (thankfully) of home. --Valerie J. Nelson

Hip Hop For Kids -- (DVD) A reviewr writes: I really enjoyed this dvd. I have an eight year old boy and a five year old girl. I was looking for something that would give them exercise (a little work-out). When the DVD came the children were so excited, the dance steps were fun however they were a little difficult to catch on. By the first week my son was able to do quite a few of the steps. They both love it so much. They want to practice almost every day and I tell them that pratice makes perfect. The only problem I had was that I could not get the DVD to play on my DVD Player, it only plays on my computor. I dont know if it is the DVD or a glitch in my player.

Learn to Hip Hop Volume 2 (DVD) -- A reviewer writes:I'm an elementary school teacher in Fairfax County Virginia. Dance in a huge part of the curriculim here. This Video has given me so many ideas for the classroom! Learn to hip hop truly inspired me and the kids!! It's fun, motivational, and easy. It's a must for every P.E. teacher!!!

Learn newer and hotter dance moves than you've seen in music videos, award shows, and concerts -- all from kids your own age! And all for a great cause! Join Joe's World Foundation's great mix of hip hoppers at all levels as Justin and Brittany teach energetic and innovative moves that they personally choreographed under the guidance and flavor of Shane Sparks', choreographer to the stars, unique signature S-Style.

All three break down their own 8 counts into individual moves, then quickly put the moves together with over 30 other up-and-coming hip-hoppers -- so you can learn complete routines quickly and comfortably at your own pace!

You'll also get over 15 minutes of BONUS individual freestyle dance footage from many of the 30+ young participants AND take a lengthy behind the scenes tour of one of the most fun, unique, and educational hip hop and freestyle dance experiences you have ever seen.

Whether you're a seasoned professional, an aspiring dancer, or just want to freestyle at home on your own or with friends, Learn to Hip Hop Volume 2 will keep you and your kids dancing for hours. Approx. 45 minutes WITH DVD BONUS -- digitally remastered 'Learn to Hip Hop' Volume 1.

Have fun with hip hop!