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Halloween Dance Parties

Halloween parties used to be just for kids. But in recent years adults have enjoyed various kind of halloween parties.

Singles Halloween Parties

Professionals Guild is Featuring a huge singles Halloween Party on 10/29/2004. Professionals Guild singles parties are held in the Sacramento and the San Francsico Bay Areas.

Halloween Costumes
Sexy Halloween Costumes is an online store devoted entirely to (as you might guess) Sexy Halloween costumes. This website is in good taste and it carries classics like the Playboy Bunny, the French maid, the naughty nurse,
and of course the school girl. They have brand names like Leg Avenue, and
Shirley of Hollywood. The angel costume, here, comes from their website.

Religious Viewpoints About Halloween
[source wikipedia free encyclopedia]

"The mingling of Christian and "pagan" traditions in the early centuries following the founding of the Christian Church have left many modern Christians uncertain of their responsibility towards this holiday. Some fundamentalist Christian groups consider Halloween a Pagan holiday and may refer to it as "The most evil day of the year", refusing to allow their children to participate. Among these groups it is believed to have developed Satanic influences, as have many other Pagan practices. It used to be that on Halloween, schools would give children boxes to collect pennies in for UNICEF, but after these fundamentalist Christians complained that the schools were endorsing a Pagan religion, most schools stopped distributing such boxes. Other Christians, however, continue to connect this holiday with All Saints Day. Some modern Christian churches commonly offer a "fall festival" or harvest-themed alternative to Halloween celebrations. Still other Christians hold the view that the holiday is "safe"; that is, that it is not Satanic in origin or practice and that it holds no threat to the spiritual lives of children."