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"I loved What Makes Music Work. It was my first real introduction to music theory and I've recommended it many others." -- Don Groves

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Guitar Coach

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This is ingenious software program that can teach you to play the guitar! It really makes learning fun. (Although it can never replace a human teacher, it can help get you started.) It includes:

  • More than 50 hours of video and audio instruction
  • Teaches solo, picking, and strumming techniques
  • Extensive reference section
  • Digital metronome
  • GuitarCoach tuner

Guitar Coach is an introduction to playing acoustic and classical guitar. The software tells you in detail how to get started.The methods are focused on developing good hand skills, musical awareness, and a thorough understanding of the guitar. More than 50 hours of video and audio instruction teach the solo, picking, and strumming techniques important for playing. Guitar Coach has 200 video clips and backing tracks in a multimedia environment. The video uses innovative technology to bring you the clearest possible views of exactly what to play. There's even a camera shot from inside the guitar looking out through the sound hole, letting you clearly see all the strum hand techniques.

A reviewer writes: "Great Beginner Product! As a dad, and otherwise busy guy, I had just about given up on learning to play the guitar. I had looked into regular classes, but could not find the time, and had tried the eMedia intro product with little success.

After reading the other reviews I decided to try once more with Guitar Coach, and I am glad I did.

My musical tastes run the gamut from classical to metal, with bits of everything in between, so I was hoping to get a good start on the classical and finger-style end of playing, and then work my way to other styles. I seem to have found exactly what I needed.

The lessons have been set up as a series of building blocks, with an emphasis on learning correct finger and fret hand position and use. As you continue and practice, the exercises build on each other and lead into more difficult bits. I am currently half way through and have been taking about a week to go through each separate lesson. It could probably have been done faster, but (see the section above, "dad") I have been taking my time to make sure that I learn the section correctly.

The video and diagrams are very helpful and playing with the accompaniment is challenging and really helps to get your playing up to speed. TAB notation is well explained and there are plenty of helps available in the reference section.

Your mileage may vary, but I have been so pleased that I also purchased the Electric Guitar Coach product and have been spreading big hints about the upcoming Intermediate product to my wife."

NOTE: Phil Seyer, the webmaster of this site is offering free music theory lessons to help you expand your musical skills. Click here to subscribe to these free online music lessons. Get suggestions on to practice, learn to improvise, modulate, create fresh sounding chords and more.

You may call Phil Seyer for private dance, music theory, or piano lessons: 916-772-7555 or click here.