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Free Movies and Music?

Free, unlimited mp3 downloads are available at (for Mac and Windows) -- free music and movies so they claim. Virtually all movies and music can be found (even movies still in the theaters.)

Hmm, free if you pay $1 a month (or become a lifetime member for $29.95) It still seems like a good deal. Movies and games are also included. Some software is also included for burning CDs and DVDs using a standard CD burner. Also Virus scanner and Adware remover and other utilities.Access to lyrics database. 30 day trial is available.



Free Music Online
(and almost free music)
Legal Downloads!


Apples iTunes is a marvelous resource for studying musical styles and for getting legal copies that sound great. If you don't have the iTunes software, you can download it here.

You can scan through hundreds of thousands of songs. Currently, when you register at Itunes, you can also down load a free song once a week! A good way to do that is to visit this web page! You can click on the link below to learn about the free tune of the week.

Free Single of the Week


If you have a favorite song that you'd like to have for your collection, you can usually find it and download it for just 99 cents. A good way to browse iTunes is with a PowerSearch.

First select "Music Store" in the "Source" column to make sure you are in the Music Store and not in your own private library.

Next, in the next column to the right (under Browse Music), click on the Power Search link. Then you will see five fields:

Song, Artist, Album, Genre, Composer

If I know a song is by a certain artist, I like to just put in his/her name in the Artist field. Sometimes I like to just look at all of the "Vocal" music, or all of the "Rock" music with a certain word in the title of the song.

Resources like itunes are a great way to become familiar with various kinds of music. For example, you can learn about Nightclub Two step music by clicking here and listening to the various songs at the Itunes music store.


Microsoft's music store is compatible with almost 60 music players, but not, Apple's Ipod. Apple's Itunes store offers one free download per week and some of them are pretty good! It remains to be seen whether Microsoft will do that. You can check out the beta version of Microsoft's MSN Music Store here.

Free download of Phil Seyer's music

Of course, there's the free music mp3 download of my instrumental version of "Flower in My Hand." This piece is not for everybody. If you like hard rock, you may not dig it, but give it a try. Please let me know what you think. I'd like to hear from you.

See also my article on Nightclub Two Step music, featuring convenient links to the songs at iTunes

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Free Music Online