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Wedding Songs
Father Daughter Dance

Looking for a father-daughter dance for your wedding? Here are some suggestions.

Butterfly Kisses -- a beautiful father-daughter dance with a Christian theme. Genre: country

Unforgettable -- Natalie and Nat King Cole. Natalie Cole sings with her father, Nat King Cole. Natalie recorded this after her father died by singing along with one of his recordings.

You are so Beautiful -- Joe Crocker. Nice vocal with piano, and string bass. Orchestral strings come in later as the song builds to a climax. Joe almost breaks out crying on the final note. Very touching.

Note: you can listen to a sample of these tunes using Doctor Phil's Wedding music selection tool. You can also buy the album that a song is on, if you like.

You can also browse through thousands of songs and build a must play list for your DJ. You can save your work and come back later and print it out when you are ready. Tip: enjoy oldies? Set a search filter for your favorite decade and view all songs for that decade. Also consider making a "play if possible list," and "do not play list." It's easy to do with Doctor Phil's system.

If you pick Doctor Phil as your DJ, an added benefit is that he will automatically be notified of your musical selections.

Thanks for your interest in Wedding Music and a song for your Father Daughter Dance.