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Sections of the Hustle Line Dance
The Hustle Line Dance has 4 main section as you will see if you want the hustle video on this page.
Section A: Dancing backward and forward. (16 beats)
Remember to step back with the right foot when you first start this dance. Interestingly enough, many other line dances (not all) begin with the right foot.
Section B: Slide Cross Side (16 beats)
Again start this section with your right foot. 1) Step side and slightly back, then 2) Cross your left foot in front of your right. 3) Step side with your right foot again. 4) Bring left foot together with right foot and tap (do not change weight). Then repeat the same patter moving to the left.  Repeat the whole thing to finish Section B.
Section C:  Hop forward and hop back. These are slow hops. (Hope forward on beat 1 and pause on beat 2). On beat 3, hopt backward and hold or pause on beat 4.
Beat 5: hop forward. Beat 6: hop backward.
Beat 7: click your heels together. Beat 8: click your heels together again.
Section D. (8 beats of music) Use your right foot throughout this section: tap twice in front and tap in back. Tap onnce inf ront and once in back. Tap side, right. On count 8, pivot to the left as you kick with your right foot. You are now facing a new wall and ready to repeat Section A.
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Hustle Line Dance Video


Hustle Line Dance Video
Instructional Hustle Line Dance Video

I've created a short online video that teaches the all the footwork for the Hustle Line Dance. Many people who are throwing 70's parties have used this video to learn the hustle line dance. Then they teach it to their friends at the party. Some teachers have ordered this hustle line dance video so they can choreograph a hustle line dance at a school performance that features 70's and 80's culture. Companies are throwing employee appreciation parties and teaching everyone the hustle line dance.

In a hurry to learn the hustle line dance because of a party or class coming up soon? You can now watch the full video here, free online. 

If you find this hustle video useful, please make a small donation so I can make more instructional videos for you. Thanks for your support!