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Salsa Dancing
Hope you've enjoyed resources for learning to dance salsa.

Learn to Dance Salsa

salsa instructional videos, DVDs

The above picture features the Salsa Racing Team. They offer DVDs to help you learn to dance salsa in a hurry.

Learn Salsa, Cha-cha, Nightclub Two Step, Wedding Dances and more.

This article is about learning to dance with group dance lessons, private dance lessons and instructional videos -- DVDs and tapes. The focus is on salsa but you can apply a lot of these ideas to other dances, including First Dances at a wedding, cha-cha-, hustle, nightclub two step, rumba and many other dances.

Salsa. Funny thing about the word salsa is that it is often used to refer to a "hot sauce." The words "hot" and "saucy" also mean sexy, which makes sense! Salsa is a hot, sexy dance In any case, this page is all about dancing not salsa food or salsa recipes. We'll be discussing these aspects of salsa:

Salsa DVDs (videos)
Salsa Dancing History
Salsa Versus Mambo
Basic Salsa Steps
Salsa Classes

Salsa DVDS
The best way to learn salsa is by taking a class or private lessons. But you can learn a lot and make faster progress with your dancing if you study salsa on DVDs. Click the following link to check out what is available:

Salsa Dance Lessons on DVD from the Salsa Racing Team (pictured above)

Tips on Learning from DVDs

Here are some tips about how to learn from a salsa DVD.

Dance lessons. Take some dance classes or private lessons along with your study of the DVD. DVDs or tapes are great, but nothing really beats holding a real partner in your arms while you dance to the music.

Partner up. Find a partner to practice with. This might be someone you are romantically involved with. But that's not necessary. Dance because you love doing it.

Name each pattern. Make up a name for each dance pattern you are learning. Sometimes a name is given on the DVD, but sometimes not. If you have a name for the pattern, you'll be able to remember it much better.

Watch, then Dance. Watch the DVD an hour or so each time before you go out dancing. Focus on learning just one new pattern from the DVD and then apply it.

Switch Roles. If you are "just" a follower, change that! You'll have more fun if you learn to lead, too. Then you can teach your friends (guys or gals) how to do the steps and you'll have more people to practice with.

Card it. Keep a small card with you on which you have written the names of the steps (dance patterns) that you know. When you take a break from dancing, pull it out and remind yourself of the various steps you'd like to do.

Bookmark it Use a DVD viewing program that lets you set bookmarks. Name the bookmark after the particular step, so you can quickly review it. .

Salsa Dancing History
Salsa is not easily defined. Who created salsa? It's not clear. I don't know for certain where Salsa began. Some say it started in Cuba, some say in Puerto Rico, others say Afria. Salsa is the result of combining many Latin and Afro-Caribbean dances. Arthur Murray is often credited with bringing salsa to the ballrooms in the 1950's and simplified it (as he simpified many other dances) so it could be taught easily to those who could only do Foxtrot and waltz.

Salsa versus Mamo
Salsa is similar to mambo. Some say the only difference between salsa and mambo in salsa you start by breaking forward on beat one, whereas in mambo, you break forward on beat two. Others, disagree and insist that only correct way to dance salsa is to break forward on beat two of the music.

Basic Salsa Steps
The basic step for the leader in salsa is to step forward with the left foot and then replace weight back to the right foot. This is done with two quick steps. Some people count this 1-2.

Next, the leader closes his left foot to his right and hold this position for two beats.. This may be counted 3-4.

Now the leader steps back with his right foot on count 5 and replaces his weight back to his left foot on count 6.

On counts 7 and 8, the leader closes his right foot to his left foot. That's the end of the 8 count basic.

The follower just does the opposite. For example, when the leader steps forward with his left foot, the follower steps back with her right.

Salsa Classes
I sometimes offer salsa classes in East Bay, San Francisco, and the Roseville/Sacramento area. For example, recently a family wanted to surprise their grandmother by dancing salsa at her birthay party, so a group of 20 arranged to take lessons. So they hired me for a private group lesson.

Another group enjoyed salsa music, but never learned how to dance salsa. So they threw a private salsa party in their home and invited me to teach it. This added something special to the party and everyone really enjoyed it.

A group of seniors had to learn something in the community as party of their senior project for school -- so they took a series of private group lessons. They took photographs and documented the process for school and even gave a salsa lecture demonstration.

If you'd like to throw a salsa party or learn salsa, I'm available for group or private lessons. Group lessons may be taught at Sunrise Unity Church or in your home or another location. I also teach many other dances including Argentine tango, night club two step, waltz, rumba, Foxtrot, and so on. My name is Phil Seyer. Give me a call at 916-772-7555 or contact me via email.

If you would like to attend a mid-week salsa party in Sacramento, please click the following link for more information:

Salsa Party with Free Salsa Lesson in Sacramento


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