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Music Theory and Dance

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DDR Max 2:Dance Dance Revolution
For PlayStation2

When I first saw this I didn't know about dance mats! Or that PlayStation2 could help us learn dance steps and get a workout.

dance, hip hop, dance dance   revolution, dance mat, learn to danceA reviwer writes: "Wow...I had ordered this game for my little brother (Who is just now thirteen a month ago.) because he had begged me to. So I did, and everyone at my house loves it. Easily works you up a sweat, and has good songs, and on Light, Standard, Heavy, and Non-stop mode, you can see music videos.(In Beginner, it just teaches you the basics of the game.) A very nice add-on I might add. So you dance and listen to a good song at the same time..."Overall, any DDR game is awesome. Thanks, Konami for coming up with a brilliant plan of fun and exercise. "

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Be sure to order a Dance Mat to go with Dance Dance Revolution, if you don't already have one. (The Dance Mat is a game controller!) Of course, you also need PlayStation2.

Dance Mats

There are different dance mats e available for use with DDR. You may want to check these out:

Thanks for your interest in dance and DDR Max 2:Dance Dance Revolution for PlayStation2