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Winbatch can control local PC applications as well as Web based programs. Why have your employers waste valuable time repeating the same manual applications over and over, when they can click a single button and have a software agent created with Winbatch do it for them?

Call Phil Seyer now and get a free proof of concept application created for you so you can see for yourself how a Winbatch application can increase your productivity.

Winbatch Programmer &
Software Engineer

Looking for a WinBatch programmer? A software engineer who can make Windows sit up and beg? Someone who can create programming solutions in hours rather than months? Then consider hiring Phil Seyer, a software engineer with more than 20 years of programming experience and more than 10 years of WinBatch experience. Phil also offers WinBatch training.

"WinBatch is my favorite language says Phil Seyer, who also programs in C++, Perl, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, and Visual Prolog. It's a powerful language that allows me to create software agents, intelligence macros that can manage and control other programs. I've used Winbatch to create a wide variety of applications including: :

SubSales -- controls the legacy cash register program in SubShop restaurants so that sales reports can be generated automatically on a regular basis.

InstallController -- manages installation and upgrading of Sales Automation programs at CSAA. Generated reports confirming successful installation.

CheckMDI -- At CSAA, checks the MDI Gateway and enables help desk technicians to quickly determine the cause of LAN connectivity problems.

MagicBriefing -- scans for breaking news that impact stock prices. When MagicBriefing detects a new headline it feeds the headline to PleaseRead. The news is then read aloud. This is very useful for daytraders who need to keep their eyes focused on various stock trading charts.

MagicUpload -- used by to upload sales productivity reports so restaurant managers can get reports anywhere they have an Internet connection.

Magic Ear Trainer -- helps music students learn to identify musical intervals.

ServerManager -- replaces need for manual activation of programs and rebooting of server.

MagicNewsRelease -- customizes and send out email one-at-a-time to opt-in email lists.

Always On Top. A small winbatch application that sets a window to an always on top state so it doesn't disappear when you click on another window.

Have WinBatch Questions? You can reach WinBatch Programmer and Software Engineer, Phil Seyer at 925-888-4392 or send email to:


NOTE: when sending email, replace <at> with @.

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