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Singing Lessons

Buy ABCs of Vocal Harmony from Amazon now. -- -- Full title: ABCs of Vocal Harmony, Singing Lessons, Sight-Singing, Ear-Training, Singing Harmony (4 CDs + Book) -- A reviewer in Chicago writes: "Thanks to Austin & Howard, we finally have a practical training program in Vocal Musicianship. Scales, intervals, chords, rhythm & meter are the building blocks of music. ABCs of Vocal Harmony gears to the human voice and helps you play your vocal instrument with greater skill while learning the language of music. A member of my choir found it at and now I have everyone using it. My choir has never sounded better. Be sure to get the CD version for maximum effect in accessing any subject or exercises at the tuch of a button."

--A reviewer from Los Angeles writes: "Your Vocal Harmony Course is great! It's fun and encouraging too. For the first time we have something other than just a book for the kids. Having both male and female voice to listen to and match makes all the difference ... and filling in the missing notes of intervals and chords and getting immediate feedback is just what we need. Thanks."

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