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★ Argentine Tango
★ Music and Dance Blog Posts
★ Contact Phil Seyer
★ Cuban Hip Motion
★ Learn to Dance Salsa

★ Music Theory: What Makes Music Work
★ New Year’s Eve Parties
★ Private Dance Lessons

★ Salsa Dance Class
★ Salsa Shines
★ Get Your Dancing Wedding Ready

This website is filled with many articles to help you learn about music and dance. You can find my music and dance  blog posts by clicking here.


★ Understanding Melody
★ Music Fundamentals: Rhythm
★ Music Class at Yale University
★ How to Improvise Music
★ Cool Chord Progressions with chromatic harmony
★ Modulation in Music
★ Ear Training
★ Search for Music
★ Music Theory
 Music Related Gifts


★ Complete online course in Argentine Tango
★ Rare tango instructional videos by master Argentine tango dance instructors
★ How to Dance Nightclub Two Step
★ How to Dance Salsa
★ Private Dance Lessons in San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay, San Francisco


I’ve recently changed to using WordPress for But so you can still find my older content, I’ve included a link here to my older Love Music Love Dance home page. Find us on Google+

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By Phil Seyer,  Director of Professionals Guild Google+ Momo -- Phil's Shetland Sheepdog at age 7 weeks.Above: Momo, Phil’s Shetland Sheepdog at age 7 week!  Momo is taking piano lessons and dog agility lessons.  Momo enjoys Phil’s Indian Love Flute Lessons. 

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